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Loan Servicing FAQ

Who do I call with questions about my loan?

Once your loan has been funded, you can call our office anytime with questions or for assistance at 800.499.3034. General questions can also be emailed to

Do I need to send financial statements after my loan is funded?

YES. As part of the Loan Agreement borrowers promise to submit financial statements (Federal Tax Returns preferred) each year. The financial statement/tax returns should be from the Operating Company, not a real estate holding company that may have been formed along with the business. Please submit your financials via email to or by mail to 200 Office Park Drive, Suite 338, Mountain Brook, AL 35223.

What type of insurance should I have on the property financed by SDC?

Hazard (Property) insurance should always be in place for the buildings, equipment, furniture, fixtures and any other property funded with loan proceeds. Your insurance company should list us as “Additional Insured, Mortgagee/Lender Loss Payable”. A copy of a current insurance certificate should be sent to us by email to . You can also call our office or email with any questions.

You also need to maintain liability insurance, and if required flood insurance or workers compensation. If you aren’t sure about your specific loan requirements, call or email our office for help.

What if I can’t find my loan documents?

Once your loan funds you should have receive a complete copy of all your documents (Note, Amortization Schedule, Mortgage, etc.).

If you need any replacement documents, call us or email. Call 1.800.499.3034 or email

I changed bank accounts and need to change my monthly payment bank draft. What do I do?

Changes need to be received no later than the 15th of the month to have in place for the next payment due.

Call 800-499-3034  or email as soon as you know you need to make a change.

How much interest did I pay last year?

All borrowers with loans in good standing should receive a copy of the IRS form 1098 by the first week of February. This form outlines the year-end information including interest paid, fees paid, and the year-end balance as of 12/31. If you didn’t receive a copy of this form, or need to request another copy, please call 800-499-3034 and ask for someone in the Servicing Department.

We had damage from a fire, storm or other cause. Who do I contact about that?

Since your insurance should have us listed as an additional payee, any checks issued for damage should include us and need our endorsement. Call 800-499-3034 or email

Does my loan payment cover the property taxes for my property?

No. Your payment only covers the principal, interest, and fees of the loan. Unlike many home mortgage payments, business loan payments generally do not include any funds for taxes, insurance, etc. If you are unsure that you have paid your property taxes, contact your county tax assessor/collector as soon as possible.

How do I request a payoff for my loan?

Call our offices at 800-499-3034 as soon as you think you may want or need to pay off your loan and ask for someone in the Servicing Department. Your loan was funded from a bond issue, so there are specific processes and deadlines that need to be followed for any prepayment. The earlier you contact us, the easier it is to process.

What if I want to sell the property or business?

Selling your business or the property financed by your 504 loan has direct consequences. Since every sale and situation is different, please call our Portfolio Manager as soon as you think this “may” be an option. In some instances the loan can be assumed, in others perhaps not. In situations where a loan assumption is desired, normal credit approval is necessary. If the request is approved there is a 1% assumption fee.  We can be reached at 800-499-3034 to discuss your situation and come up with the best strategy.

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