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Huntsville-Madison County Chamber 87th Annual Meeting

This week, some of the SDC team, including Executive Director, Yolanda Merriweather, BDO, Beau Strong, and Credit Underwriter/Marketing Manager, Sarah Chambliss attended Huntsville/Madison County Chamber’s 87th Annual Membership Meeting at the Von Braun Center. The SDC team enjoyed learning about all of the exciting things happening in Huntsville, Alabama and we also want to wish a congratulations to the recipients of the Distinguished Service Award, Rey and Cynthia Almodóvar.

The featured speaker was Larry Leopard, the Associate Technical Director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, who gave a phenomenal presentation of NASA’s Mars Sample Return Mission. Huntsville is called the “Rocket City” for a reason. SDC thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Huntsville, and we all look forward to continuing working in the area.

If you would like to learn more about the Huntsville Madison County Chamber or how SDC can help your small business, reach out to us today via phone call, email, or Facebook Messenger. Have a great day!

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