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✰SDC SPOTLIGHT ✰ Alison Yeager: Accounting Manager

The SDC Spotlight for the month of January is our Accounting Manager, Alison Yeager.

Alison is a motivated accounting professional who prides herself on enthusiasm and a solid work ethic! In addition to handling all SDC financial duties, she also fulfills many HR, managerial and administrative roles. Alison has over 15 years of experience as an accountant and has worked for a myriad of businesses that span both product sales and services.

She joined SDC in May of 2021, and although she is fairly new to SBA Lending, she is committed to increasing SDC’s visibility and profitability while serving the small business community. Some of her biggest accomplishments include establishing new procedures, implementing best practices, successful software conversions, and increasing collections.

❖ Alison was born and raised in Birmingham, AL and has lived there her entire life. She graduated from Homewood High School, earned her college degree at the University of Montevallo, and currently lives in Alabaster. ❖ Alison has two children who attend Thompson High School. Her daughter recently turned 16 and began driving, which is a huge milestone! She is active in dance, acting, and modeling. Her son is a freshman who, at 14, is already taking AP classes and participates in E-Sports. ❖ Alison has a dog, Bella, who is always by her side! In addition to being the most spoiled member of the family, Bella often accompanies Alison on hikes. Aside from cuddling, exploring the state’s many parks and trails is their joint favorite pastime! ❖ Alison and her children also recently adopted three cats, a new mom and two kittens. Missy, Elaine, and River enjoy turning otherwise regular household objects into toys to play with and destroy, constantly tripping humans attempting to walk anywhere in the house and making themselves comfortable on Alison’s laptop and paperwork anytime she works from home. ❖ Alison considers herself a music buff who knows tons of useless artist trivia and loves attending concerts with her friends! Her other hobbies include practicing yoga, reading novels of all genres, watching movies with her kids, and obsessive housekeeping!

We really appreciate having Alison on the SDC team because she always looks out for the company as a whole as well as its staff members individually. She is always making sure we’re doing our best and have what we need to succeed. Thank you, Alison for all that you do at SDC!

If you have any questions for Alison or would like to speak with her more about the 504 Loan Program and what SDC can do to help your small business, she can be reached by telephone at (334) 244-1801 or by email at

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