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✰SDC SPOTLIGHT ✰ Jim Searcy: SDC Board Member

The Spotlight for October is for one of our Board Members, Jim Searcy, who currently serves on the ATN Advisory Council, the Alabama Productivity Center advisory Board, the Alabama Workforce Development Board and holds Board positions in several other economic development organizations.

Jim began his career in economic development as a project manager with the Alabama Department of Commerce. Jim served as Vice President of Marketing for the Birmingham Metropolitan Development Board, and Vice President for Business and Industry Retention with the Birmingham Business Alliance.

Jim was named Executive Director of the Economic Development Association of Alabama (EDAA) in July 2013 after serving as the Executive Director of the Coastal Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance. Jim earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Auburn University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Auburn University at Montgomery.

Here are some fun facts about Jim: • Jim was born in Montgomery and later moved to Prattville. After several years in Birmingham and Brewton, he and his family returned to Prattville. • Jim has been married to his wife, Lesley, for 25 years. • Jim and Lesley have a son, Sam, who graduated from Auburn University in August of 2021 and now resides in Dallas, TX. • They have two dogs, George and Major, and one cat, Tang, who “has no value whatsoever.” Major is 16 years old and “is currently in the canine witness protection program.” • Jim’s favorite food is Banana Pudding, and his favorite restaurant is Johnny’s in Homewood. • Jim enjoys traveling, reading, and Auburn athletics. He says, “Thank God we are an ‘everything school’.” • Jim also enjoys watching movies and live theatre as well as most televised sporting events. • Jim says, “The best job I’ve ever had was my first job as the Project Manager with the Alabama Development Office – now the Department of Commerce. The variety of projects and the opportunity to learn something new every day was exciting and challenging. I appreciate the mission of SDC because I know, firsthand, the challenges of funding projects in rural parts of the state.” • Jim also has a twin sister, June, and for 63 years people have asked them if they are identical twins. He said he usually gives them a minute to think it through.

We are proud to have Jim on our Board and we appreciate all the advice and support he offers us at SDC. Thank you, Jim, for the past 7 years of service!

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